About G&G Auto Repair

Our Philosophy

Our team at G&G Auto Repair knows that customers aren’t just looking for someone to fix their vehicle. They’re looking for a mechanic that genuinely cares about them and consistently provides reliable and trustworthy service. We’ve been in the business of providing high quality auto repair and customer service for 6 years. Our approach to customer relationship is what separates us from other mechanics. We know that the number one reason a customer returns is because we made them feel welcome and at home in our shop. Every member of our team shares the same goal of ensuring that our customers leave feeling valued and that we really paid attention to them and their vehicle. As mechanics, fixing the car is assumed – the difference is how our customers feel when doing business with us.

You’ll walk in a customer, but you’ll leave a friend.

Mechanics You Can Trust

Our team of experienced mechanics perform high quality repair work at a fair price. Integrity and honesty are at the top of our list when quoting and completing auto repair work. Our team is always available to answer questions and provide useful maintenance tips. We stress consistent maintenance over repair work to save our customers money in the long run. Simple maintenance is much cheaper than huge repairs, and it takes less time. We find that many of the most expensive repairs we complete are a result of overdue maintenance.

G&G Auto Repair

What our customers are saying...

Excellent service, superb repair quality, finished promptly.

The kind folks at G&G Auto Repair provided fast, friendly, and overall highly experienced service where others would more than likely treated me as another number on their list of repairs to get through that day. They quickly identified the problem with my vehicle, gave me a detailed estimate of the service cost, and finished my vehicle more quickly than I could have anticipated. After the quality work they put into my vehicle and for such an amazing price, you can be sure that I’ll be trusting them with my vehicle the next time I need it serviced. – Mason J. in Bakersfield, CA