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Vehicle Maintenance Tasks: 3 Important Tasks You Can’t Ignore

Vehicle Maintenance is something that cannot be ignored. Following the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule is a must. For some, this task can be simple. For others not so much. Time and money often play a role in the decision. We get it Service on your vehicle can be expensive. But like we always say “Routine Maintenance is ALWAYS cheaper than repairs”. Here are 5 vehicle maintenance tasks that you can’t ignore. Typically when people think of vehicle maintenance They only think of oil changes, radiator fluid, or air filters. And, while these are important they are not always it. People generally see the rest of the routine maintenance as unnecessary.

Treating your car or truck this way is like ignoring vitamins for your body. You would not forego Vitamin C because you once had an orange; would you? The same is true with your vehicle. Don’t ignore these 5 tasks, they will help keep the longevity of your vehicle.

3 Service Tasks That you May be Ignoring


Brake Fluid Flush

We have talked about brake fluid extensively on this blog. And for good reason. Brake fluid is a hygroscopic fluid, meaning that it can absorb moisture.Brake fluid absorbs the moisture in the sealed system. Moisture evaporates in an open environment. But in the sealed brake system there is no air to evaporate the moisture.

Moisture in the system increases the likelihood of boiling temperature being reached. Boiling temps in the system will increase the likelihood of rust and corrosion. If your manufacturer does not have a set schedule for brake fluid flush, a good rule of thumb is about 36,000 miles.


Transmission Fluid Flush (Automatic Transmissions)

Some newer sellers have marketed a “lifetime transmission fluid”. While this may sound too good to be true, it’s because it is. It’s an Oxymoron (like Jumbo Shrimp). Modern vehicle components have to operate in a lot smaller compartments than older vehicles. Tighter living conditions result in higher temperatures. Which nullifies the “Lifetime” fluid statement. You will need to change your fluid. Claims such as these have been shown to be wrong in vehicles over 100k miles.


Coolant Flush

This is another fluid that is marketed by some sellers as “Lifetime”. Not entirely true. With normal use and typical driving, the fluid will degrade. With normal use, the ph levels will degrade. Degradation of Ph levels will lead to the coolant damaging the cooling parts of the system. This will eventually lead to engine issues, or worse, failure. A good vehicle maintenance schedule for this fluid is at or around 40-50k miles. Regular changes will ensure that the Ph levels in your system are optimal.


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