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Ac System: Why Yours May Need Service

Of course, you want the AC system in your car or truck to work well to keep you cool and comfortable. So, let’s review why and when you should get the air conditioning system serviced, and what we do for an A/C service.

The air inside your vehicle may not be blowing as cold as it could be or should be, or might not be blowing cold at all.

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The level and pressure of the refrigerant might be low due to a leak or maybe just because the system hasn’t been serviced in a very long time.

When we do an A/C service we first check for any obvious problems. The next step is to remove all the refrigerant so we can determine if the level is low.

We hold the system under a vacuum to remove any possible moisture. Then fill it with the correct amount of refrigerant and the proper amount of oil. The special dye allows us to check for any leaks. We then check the system pressures to make sure they are what they should be and measure the temperature of the air blowing inside. In most cases, topping off the refrigerant gets the air conditioning back to top performance.





Sometimes we may find the refrigerant low and can’t fix the leak right away. In this case, we’ll have you come back. Usually in a week or so we can check again after the AC System has run for a while. An air conditioning that is run with low refrigerant has to work extra hard. The compressor is trying to build the pressure, and the oil that lubricates the compressor is low. This can lead to a premature and expensive compressor failure. An A/C service is inexpensive. It will make you more comfortable in your car or truck. And it might save you from an expensive air conditioning system repair.

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