Tire Replacement

Worn tires are not only unsightly, but more importantly they’re a safety concern! The tires on your car or truck are pretty important. They’re the moving parts that keep your drive smooth and safe. We’re here to make sure you and your family are safe for every mile you travel. Our team of mechanics is well versed in tire replacement needs and we make quick work of getting you the right tires for your vehicle.

When should I replace my tires?

The tread on a tire are the deep grooves and patterns you see when you look at a new tire, and they are what gives the tire traction on the road. Tires need to be replaced when they have reached 2/32” of remaining tread depth. There is a helpful tool that can aid in determining the life remaining in your tires. Tires have a molded indicator called “wear bars” across their tread pattern, located from he outside should to the inside shoulder. Wear bars are there to warn drivers when the tires no longer meet the minimum tread depth.

During tire replacement our mechanics will:

  • Verify size/speed/load rating of your new tires to make sure they match your door placard.
  • Inspect your lug nuts and lug studs for excessive wear for your safety.
  • Clean any mating surfaces of rust and corrosion to ensure proper clamping force.
  • Use state of the art wheel service equipment to mount and balance your tires. We make sure your tires are balanced correctly using the best adapters available.
  • Inform you of any unusual tire wear from your old tires.
  • Properly torque all your lug nuts to factory specification to ensure proper clamping force.
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