Its Cold…Why Service Your Car’s Cooling System?

Its Cold…Why Service Your Car’s Cooling System?

Even though Bakersfield is in cooling trend, you may not want to neglect your car or trucks cooling system. Though temperatures may have eased its important to replace the fluid if needed. 

What is in a cooling system?

The engine in your car or truck generates quite a bit of heat. Liquid coolant flows through the engine to collect this heat. The liquid then flows through the radiator using air flow to remove heat from the fluid. The coolant is usually a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water. The antifreeze is important to keep the fluid from freezing in cold temperatures. The fluid also has properties that fight corrosion in the cooling system.

What happens to coolant if I don’t change it?

When the coolant gets old it loses the ability to fight corrosion. Rust and sludge build up inside the cooling system. This corrosion can damage the water pump and thermostat, and it will also plug the tubes in the radiator reducing the ability to remove enough heat from the fluid. A plugged radiator, a worn water pump, or a stuck thermostat can cause an engine to overheat. Possibly doing damage to the engine.


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At G&G Auto Repair we emphasize that routine maintenance is always cheaper than repairs. Replacing the coolant on your car or trucks cooling system according to the manufacturer’s required maintenance schedule is inexpensive, will help you avoid potentially costly repairs, and might keep you from having a breakdown and needing a tow.

“Routine maintenance is always cheaper than repairs”

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