How to Change a Flat Tire

A flat tire on the road can be one of the most dangerous situations that you can find yourself in. Driving along you may notice that your tire monitoring light comes on. When this happens it is usually an indicator that one or more of your tires is losing pressure. Before you have a chance to even register what is going on you may begin to hear a flapping sound. It’s a flat tire. Read More ▸

OIl leaks coming from Gasket

Where Oil Leaks Commonly Occur

When you have puddles that make your garage look like the La Brea Tar Pits, the chances are that you don’t need us to tell you that you may have an oil leak. That much should be obvious. But where it may be coming from and pinpointing the exact problem can be tricky. In this article, we will go over some of the areas that may be causing the oil leaks in your car or truck. Read More ▸

correct oil

Why using the correct oil is important

“What is the correct oil for my car?” You may have asked this question as you shop in your local auto parts store or even asked a service shop this same question. You may have googled the term itself. Hey Siri: “What is the correct engine oil for my car?” Read More ▸

Engine Noise

Engine Noise: What Is That “Knocking” Sound?

Whenever you start your engine, and when ever you turn it off, it should be smooth. Every so often there may arise an engine noise that can otherwise be questionable. Some of these sounds can be alarming while others can just be mildly annoying. Whatever the case may be noises coming from underneath the hood are never something that you want to ignore for long. These noises can lead to costly repairs. Read More ▸

AC Evaporator

Signs That Your AC Evaporator Needs Maintenance

A broken AC can be one of the most frustrating and grueling things to have to deal with when it comes to repairs. Especially during summer months. The AC system is made up of multiple components that work together to keep you cool in your car. One of the most crucial components is the AC Evaporator. The AC Evaporator can hold up to some pretty prolonged use but problems can arise with out warning. Read More ▸

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