Car Battery Light On

Why Is My Car Battery Light On?

You may have seen the car battery light on before and wondered is the car battery dead or dying. Your cars battery is responsible for powering all electrical components.Your cars battery is responsible for powering everything electrical in your vehicle. It powers the cars internal computer. Your power windows,and locks. The ignition system, radio, and headlights. 

How does your car battery charge?

Your car battery is the main power source that allows your car to start. This battery will at some point go dead (like all batteries) unless its recharged. The car battery has a localized recharging system. This charging system is the alternator, and voltage regulator. This system keeps the battery charged and distributes electricity while the engine is running. Alternators can put out up to 1000 watts of electricity.The car battery normal voltage operates around 14 volts This electricity with keep your car running. The car battery light on is an indication that there is a charging problem.

4 Reasons your car battery light may be on

1. Car battery corrosion:

This common problem is often associated with a a vehicle that is difficult to start. Corrosion at the battery post or terminals interrupts the flow of electricity to the alternator. When the alternator cant do its job it will cause the car battery light to come on.

2. A car battery cable is loose

Cables on the battery are connected to the terminal. These cables become loose over time. They have also become loose after long drives on bumpy roads. Usually, a Ten Millimeter socket will be sufficient in tightening them down. A battery cable that is not connected tight enough will cause the car battery light to come on.

3. You have an old battery

Car Batteries wear out over time. Even though the warranty is for up to 96 months. You may want to consider the age of your battery if you see the car battery light on. If you live in hotter climates your battery will be subject to wear more quickly as well.

4. Bad Alternator

one of the most common problems that we see is a bad alternator. Alternators usually last about 5 to 7 years. The alternator is responsible for keeping the battery charged while you are driving. But if you have a bad alternator, it will not work to keep the battery charged. This will cause the car battery light to come on once the low level of charge is detected. Once the alternator dies, the remaining charge in the battery will run out very quickly If you have bad alternator, you will either need to replace it or have it rebuilt.


These are just some of the smaller and larger reasons that your car battery light may be on. If you find that your car battery light is on while driving, get it to service soon so that you avoid getting stuck on the road. At G&G Auto we check your battery each time you bring your vehicle in for service. You can rest assured if there is a problem we will find it.




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