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Signs that you may need a brake replacement

The brakes on your car are one of the most important pieces of equipment. This is why it is imperative that you know when your vehicle may be in need of a brake replacement.. Brakes work by creating friction with the tires, so they will eventually wear out and can start causing damage to other parts of the car. The last thing that you need while traveling or commuting are faulty road brakes.

What sounds may indicate that you need a brake replacement?

The most common sign of bad brakes are squealing or grinding sound. Now, we have all been travelling down the road and have heard a squealing sound. This could just be brake dust build up. If this is the case the squealing sound will usually disappear after a few miles. The next time that you are in your vehicle pay attention to the sound that may be coming from your brakes. When this sound is prolonged and does not disappear after a few miles it might be time to get your vehicle in for brake service.

Squealing sounds could indicate that your brake pads require replacement. Your vehicles brake pads may be equipped with certain wear indicators that are designed to make this noise and alert you when your brakes need replacement. This sound could also be a sign of glazed pads. Glazing brake pads usually happen because the brake calipers stick causing the brakes to be somewhat applied. This force is not enough to stop the vehicle entirely and you may not even feel the difference for a while. But this will cause excessive heat and create friction that allows the pads to glaze over.

Grinding Sounds on the other hand are a definite indicator that there is something wrong. Do not put off getting your vehicle inn for service if this sound is occurring. Sometimes this sound can be as simple as a small rock or pieces of debris caught between the pad and rotor. More seriously this can be a sign that the steel backing of the brake pad has worn down and is pressing against the rotor. Don’t assume that the former is the reason and put off getting this sound looked at. Rotor repair can be a costly endeavor


4 common signs that can be and indicator that you may need a brake replacement

Brake light-The Most Obvious Sign:

The brake light warning light will turn on. This should be a give in, but we all tend to ignore warning lights from time to time despite them being important. DO NOT DRIVE your car if your brake light is on until you have had it looked at

Squealing or grinding noise when brakes are applied:

As we have discussed, these signs are not to be ignored. If you continue to hear a high whistle sound when applied, it is time to get them replaced.

Your Steering wheel becomes shaky:

This can be mistaken for a bad alignment issue but most likely is a brake issue. You may also feel a slight shake in the brake pedal as well. If this is the case, DO NOT DRIVE your car. We will come to you.

Your stopping distance is increasing:

If you have noticed that you are increasing the distance with which you have had to begin stopping, it is a sign that you may need to replace your brakes.


If it’s time to replace your brakes, our certified mobile mechanics can come to your location to bring your car in for service .Your brake system is a vital component of safety. Do not put off the warning signs. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms call us TODAY.

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