Fluid Leaks

Why Fluid Leaks Can Be A Cause For Concern

Let’s talk about why you should be concerned about fluid leaks in your car or truck. Fluid leaks in your car or truck no matter how small or noticeable can and should be a cause for alarm. These leaks can cause major problems if not addressed.

Why fluid leaks are a bad thing.

Any leak in your vehicle gradually decreases the levels of fluid. Expensive repairs can come when the leak is ignored and the low fluid level isn’t detected. This can turn into a part failing due to a lack of fluid. For example, low coolant levels can cause the engine to overheat with a risk of engine damage.

Low engine oil accelerates internal engine wear and can cause expensive engine failure.



We rebuild gears and bearings in differentials due to damage from low oil levels because seals are leaking. Low power steering fluid levels due to leaks will cause cavitation in the power steering pump. Shortening the life of the pump. And, if the fluid is low enough can make the car hard to steer.

Some leaks are obviously an immediate problem, others are not, but all leaks lead to low fluid levels that can cause parts to fail. It’s best not to ignore the leaks. At G&G Auto Repair we inspect leaks for free, and we inspect for leaks everytihttp://gandgautorepair.com/power-steering-fluid-leaks/me you bring your vehicle in for service. If we find something, we’ll talk to you about it, and figure out what’s the best course of action.

Before you begin self-diagnostics on your vehicle, it is important to know what may be causing the leaks that you are seeing. Below are some of the most common leaks that you will see in your vehicle as it ages.

1. Oil:

This can be very common and you can usually tell this leak by the color and consistency of the fluid.

2. Transmission Fluid :

This will be reddish-brown in color

3. Brake Fluid :

This can be tough to diagnose as it tends to resemble the color of engine oil.

4. Anti-Freeze:

This is one of the most distinct and easily decipherable. The fluid will be green or pin and sometimes yellow. This leak is a very severe issue if you see it.

5. Power Steering Fluid:

Another serious and potentially expensive leak that can be tough to diagnose because of the color.

Check out our video below and we will be covering all of these leks and just what causes them in a future post.

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