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Can Air Conditioning Keep My Engine Cooler?

Running your air conditioning in the summer will make your engine run hotter. This is caused by more heat being created in the engine compartment. More heat creates more strain on the engine to operate the compressor. Typical AC compressors work with a clutch. Similar to a manual transmission. Where it differs is that it is magnetic and regulated by different high and low-temperature sensors. This allows the AC to cycle on and off. Every cycle will create more and more strain on the engine creating heat. When your Air conditioning cycles on and off continually, you will either be facing low refrigerant levels or a failing system.

What does the serpentine belt do?

The vehicle’s serpentine belt is responsible for driving the AC Compressor. Anytime a system uses more than one component to operate it will require more energy. More energy will equal more heat. Any time the air conditioning is engaged you may notice a decrease in fuel economy as well.

Why does my fan run louder with the AC on?

Louder noises from the engine fan are not a bad sign. If your engine fan is running is louder than normal when your Air conditioning running it is because the fan is operating to combat the higher engine temperatures. There can also be a secondary electric air conditioning fan that runs. It is activated by the body control computer that will signal the cooling fan to operate This provides extra cooling to your engine compartment.

Can my Air Conditioning help lower the engine temperature?

If the temperature on your dash is climbing to higher than normal levels you may have a problem. Especially, if the air conditioning is off. This may be a problem with the cooling system itself. If temperatures are climbing with the Ac turned on, this may indicate a failing cooling fan. What if you have issues with overheating in city traffic; but not on the highway? This would indicate a fan issue. Meaning one of the two fans responsible for cooling is not operating. If the engine fan is not working you could turn on the AC to help cool down the engine. Two electronic cooling fans will have to be operating for this to work

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