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How Often Does an Audi Need an Oil Change

The mechanical failures in your Audi can be avoided with proper care. The most important maintenance that you can perform on your Audi is an oil change. You’ll want to perform this regularly. Flushing your fluids at regular intervals can help extend the life of your Audi. This can add years to the life of your vehicle.

Most vehicle owners tend to overlook this area. The oil change interval for Audi vehicles is very important. Audis require a special type of oil and for their specific components.

How often an Audi Oil Change should be performed

The best oil change interval for your Audi can depend on a few factors. You will want to include your geographic location that your Audi is being driven in. Is it more prone to hot or cold? What type of oil are you using in your Audi? What is your driving style? These factors have a significant effect on how Audi motor oil performs in your vehicle.

Best motor oil for your Audi

Different types of oil affect the life of any vehicle. Most Audis require synthetic motor oil to keep the engine performing at peak performance. You will want to consult your owner’s manual for the specific type used in your vehicle. Audi oil changes will require synthetic oil which will the engine longer and more efficient between services. Newer model Audis for example have been manufactured in a way that the more environmentally friendly designs do not require an oil change for at least every 10,000 miles

With the life of some of these vehicles, you can see why it is important to choose the correct oil. This doesn’t mean that you can just use any oil for your Audi. Using the wrong motor oil can cause damage to your vehicle’s engine components, reduce fuel mileage and also void specific warranty policies.

How can your driving style affect your Audis oil change intervals?

Your driving style has a direct effect on how long your Audi can last between oil changes. Most Audi owners fall into one of two categories of drivers. Each different style call for a different type of maintenance.

  1. The Short Distance Driver

This is more of what you may call city driving. City driving is a lot of stops and starts motions. This can be one of the most stressful environments for your Audis engine. And, in your will affect your Audis oil performance and life. If you are an Audi owner and you do a lot of short-distance driving you will want to have your Audis oil changed more frequently. Typically you will want to bring your vehicle in for service every 3-5k miles.

  1. The Highway Driver

Highway driving is when you typically drive your Audi at higher speeds for longer periods of time. Highway driving is better for Audis because it gives your Audis engine time to reach its optimal performance temperature. This cuts down on oil contamination resulting in longer-lasting oil.

If you find that most of your driving is done in highway conditions you will want to bring your vehicle in for service every 6-10k miles. Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation.

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