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Signs That Your AC Evaporator Needs Maintenance

A broken AC can be one of the most frustrating and grueling things to have to deal with when it comes to repairs. Especially during summer months. The AC system is made up of multiple components that work together to keep you cool in your car. One of the most crucial components is the AC Evaporator. The AC Evaporator can hold up to some pretty prolonged use but problems can arise with out warning.

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What is the AC Evaporator?

Air conditioning systems are designed to remove heat from the air within your vehicle. The AC evaporator is designed to use refrigerant in order pass it over the coils to cool the heated air that it collects from outside the vehicle. The AC Evaporator is made up of two components. The Coils and the Core. When issues occur in your AC system such as lack of power or weak air flow, the most common culprit can be this component. The Evaporator requires constant pressure to remove heat. Typically, leaks are the most common culprit of this component failure.

4 Symptoms of a Bad or Failing AC Evaporator

Most AC issues can be diagnosed fairly quickly. Your car may not be blowing the air that it used to or you find that it takes longer to get the cabin to a comfortable temperature. Since the AC Evaporator is a significant part that expels heat from the air, lackluster performance is somewhat easy to diagnose. Be that as it may there are 4 key signs to a bad EVAPORATOR that can help you to determine if your vehicle needs service.

Air Flow and Temperature:

If you find that the cool air that is blowing is weak or that there is no air blowing at all the AC Evaporator coils or the core may be leaking. This problem impacts the effectiveness of the air conditioning system. In general the larger the leak the greater impact it will have on this area

Strange ODOR from the Vents:

If you notice a strange odor coming from your vents. The chances are that your system is leaking a small amount of refrigerant from the coils, the core or the seals. This will cause and aroma that is almost sweet smelling to fill your cars cabin. The smell will get stronger as the air is turned higher.


This compressor circulates cool air by circulating refrigerant through the evaporator. It relies on a predetermined set pressure to operate. If there is a leak there will be reduced pressure and the system will not blow as hard. If you notice a weak flow of air, the chances are that the problem is the compressor


In the event that the AC Evaporator has a hole in it you will notice fluctuations in temperature. It will continue to cool the air but the temperature will not remain consistent. This fluctuation can be a sign of a Bad AC Evaporator



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