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Tax Deduction: Car Repairs & Your Taxes

Are car repairs be considered a tax deduction? Tax Season is quickly approaching. For some, this means being concerned about having to pay money. Others are looking forward to tax season because of the chance of obtaining a refund! Fortunately, by utilizing the appropriate tax write-offs, you may be able to reduce your tax burden (or increase your refund). You may even be able to deduct car repairs and maintenance costs in some circumstances!

****This is in no way financial advice. Nor should it be treated as such. Please consult your tax professional regarding any deductions you may or may not qualify for**** 


Yes! Car repairs can sometimes be considered tax deductions on a federal tax return. This write-off, however, is not available to all taxpayers. We recommend speaking with a tax professional to see if you qualify for repair and maintenance write-offs. H&R Block defines this deduction in the following ways: “Car repairs are tax-deductible as part of a group of car-related expenses. … This includes business owners, other self-employed workers, armed forces reservists, and fee-basis government officials, who use a car for business purposes.”

Who May Not Use Vehicle Repairs as a Tax Deduction?

The majority of people who drive for work no longer qualify for a business cost deduction, according to the IRS. Even if their employer does not cover costs associated with the use of their car for work, an employee cannot claim a car-related tax deduction. Unreimbursed travel expenditures may still be deducted by some employees. Military reservists, select performers, and state and municipal government officials are among them.

Repairs that qualify for a tax deduction

The following car repairs and normal maintenance items are listed by TurboTax as some of the ones you can deduct on your federal tax return:

  • Changing the oil
  • Replacement of a damaged headlight or repair of malfunctioning brakes are examples of repairs.
  • Tune-ups
  • Tires that have been replaced.
  • Air filters that have been replaced.
  • Wipers for the windshield have been replaced.



You must use one of these two procedures to deduct automobile maintenance and other vehicle expenses:

Actual vehicle expenses:

This is the amount you spent on repairs and other expenses related to using your car for business.

Standard Mileage Rate:

The IRS-approved rate for the 2021 tax year is between 53-58 cents per mile. You can’t deduct auto repairs separately if you use the regular mileage rate. Car repairs are already factored into this rate. Remember that if you use your automobile for both business and pleasure, you must divide your expenses according to the number of miles you drove for each purpose.

In other words, you can only deduct a set amount of your car repairs if you utilize the actual-expense approach rather than the usual mileage rate. For example, if you use your automobile for business 50 percent of the time, you can deduct half of the repair costs. The remaining half of the repair expenditures, those related to the personal usage of your vehicle, are not deductible.

For More information please see website to see if you qualify.


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