Timing Belt Replacement

Do You Need a Timing Belt Replacement.

Avoiding a timing belt replacement can result in engine failure. Damaged timing belts can lead to the cylinder head or camshaft damage. It can also lead to piston damage, or bent and broken valves. Replacing your timing belt according to your vehicles specific recommendations can save you thousands of dollars in replacing the engine

When is the right time to replace your timing belt? Timing Belt replacement is typically recommended by the manufacturer. Every Manufacturer differs on the exact mileage. But, typically you should look at replacing your timing belt every 50,000-100,000 miles.

Timing belts are manufactured out of rubber. This means that like any other rubber piece they will wear out over time. Weather and other vehicle conditions can play a significant role in the deterioration process as well. When the timing belt replacement is ignored, the belt can break causing other components to operate out of sync. This can cause costly repairs to be performed.


When you should consider a timing belt replacement?


Your car or trucks timing belt is in need of a replacement if you notice the following issues are present:

Oil leaking from the front of the motor.

This can be a sign of numerous problems. But, typically we see this coming from the timing belt cover. If you see an oil leak in the front of the motor typically its a bad timing belt symptom.

Strange noises coming from the engine.

Usually, a unique ticking noise is an indication of low levels of lubricant. But, can also be a sign of a bad or faulty timing belt. Consider replacing your belt if you are noticing more noise than usual coming from your engine. These noises can be as obvious as a loud screeching. Or, as small as constant ticks that go unnoticed.

Engine wont turn over.

Typically people will blame the engine not turning over as a sign of a bad starter. But, this can be one of the leading fan belt symptoms. When your engine will not turn over its likely that the belt has broken inside and is need of replacement. Which for most would be obvious. You would be surprised however at how many people do not know this.

What does the timing belt do and how long will it last before replacement is needed?

The timing belt turns the camshafts, which then causes the valves to open and close when they should. Timing belts won’t last forever, and each manufacturer has a requirement for the belt to be replaced at certain intervals. If those intervals are missed, the belt will eventually break.

When the belt breaks the engine will immediately stop, you’ll be stuck on the side of the road, and the vehicle will need to be towed in for repair. Some cars are designed so there is no engine damage if the timing belt breaks, while other cars are not. With many cars, if the belt breaks the valves will hit the pistons causing internal engine damage, and the engine will need to be replaced.

Timing belt replacements are cheap. If ignored they can be sources of major repairs. We always say: “Routine maintenance is cheaper than repairs.”

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