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Are you looking for a car that is fuel-efficient, sleek, and functional? Based on popular demand and background research, we found the top cars that allow you to save money on fuel. We’ve done the work for you, so you can rest assured that these car ideas are tried and true. Luckily, here’s everything you need to know about fuel economy. So, let’s get right into them.


Fuel Economy Meaning

You may have heard the term fuel economy or fuel mileage, but what does it really mean? Fuel economy/mileage means the total distance a car can travel using a specific amount of fuel. Simply put, it’s how far a vehicle can travel using a set amount of gas.

Fuel Economy Calculator

How does one calculate how much fuel they exhaust ‘overall’ distance? Well, it’s simple and easy, so let’s do the maths:

Here’s Max; he is in the process of filling up his tank. But first, he takes note of his mileage since his last fill, which reads 150.2 miles. Then, the liters of fuel he’s putting in to fill his tank, 23.2 liters, and the cost per liter of the fuel. 

To find out Max fuel consumption would be:

  • 150.2 divided by 23.2, which equals 6.474 miles per liter

  • Next, we’ll have 6.474 multiplied by 4.544(to convert the figure to miles per gallon), which equals 29.42 miles per gallon(MPG)

Max fuel consumption is 29.42MPG, and you can use this same method to calculate yours.


Fuel Economy Cars With the Best Ratings


2021 Hyundai Ioniq 

This car is one of the foremost; options for people who enjoy doing a lot of driving. It’s a 5-seater vehicle with 9-trim levels. It is estimated to deliver an exceptional fuel economy value of 145MPGe in the city. And 121 MPGe while driving on the highway. Its super efficiency is traceable to its hybrid, electric, or plug-in powertrains, and its driver safety technology is top-notch.


Honda Accord

This base Honda Accord is very spacious, easy to drive. And has an estimated fuel economy of 30MPG in the city and 38 MPG on the highway. Its design includes modern safety technology, CVT(which saves on gas), 192 horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder. And other superb features. It’s highly functional, and its design is a distinct upgrade to the models it replaces.


 2021 Toyota Prius

This 5-seater vehicle comes in 5-trim levels. It has a strong fuel economy and is very versatile. While; its estimated highway value is 47MPG and 51MPG in the city. Toyota vehicles are generally known to be reliable, and this model is nothing short of it. It’s also very comfortable to ride and has advanced safety features that can protect owners from the unexpected.

Fuel Economy Will Be Adversely Affected When?

These habits will have a definite impact on your fuel economy:


Regular Travels In Cold Weather:

Your vehicle engine will need more time to warm up during cold seasons. And would rise beyond the base temperature for fuel economy. However, you can minimize this when you prepare your car for the cold weather. Also, avoid leaving your car idle(while warming up) for too long, as you are actually wasting fuel that way.



The speed at which you travel will impact your fuel efficiency. Therefore, anything from 80 MPH and above will create higher air resistance in your car and reduce fuel economy. Remember this when next you feel tempted to Overspeed.


Frequent Short Trips:

It’s okay to go on short trips. But when it becomes excessive, your car will not have enough time to warm up as it should, and it’ll end up consuming more fuel.



If you load your vehicle with heavy materials, your engine will need to work harder to contain this weight. And this doesn’t help you economize fuel.


Aggressive Acceleration Or Braking:

When you find yourself braking heavily, switching your car gears abnormally. And applying the accelerator too quickly. These acts can decrease your fuel economy by up to 33%, especially while driving on the highway.


With all this information at your fingertip, you can manage your vehicle better and save more money on gas. So, go ahead and put these ideas to use. Also, feel free to let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section.


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