Transmission Fluid Change Cost

Transmission Fluid Change Cost

A Transmission Fluid Change Cost is not usually something that we budget for. There are so many fluids that help keep your vehicle running smoothly. One of the most important and commonly overlooked is the transmission fluid. A transmission fluid change is often something that is debated. We rea here to tell you that you should. The question is how much money should a transmission fluid change cost. Also how often should this task be performed?

When should you replace your fluid?

Transmission fluid changes can vary. Some manufacturers’ maintenance schedules call for fresh fluid every 100,000 miles. Some Ford manufacturers even advise every 150,000 miles. There is a popular opinion among mechanics that call for a transmission fluid change every 50k miles. If you drive a manual transmission this will require more conventional gear oil than your automatic transmission oil. Either way, you will want to consult your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s maintenance recommendations.

Like all of the other fluids in your car, the transmission fluid will at some point deteriorate. Frequent stop-and-go city driving as well as continually hauling heavy loads will speed up this process. Driving in these ways, which are unavoidable in some cases, will raise the transmission’s internal temperature. Increased heat will put more strain on the transmission as well as the fluid. Transmission fluid, unlike oil which acts solely as a lubricant serves two purposes. It is both an oil and a hydraulic that helps facilitate gears while shifting and serves as a coolant.

If you are prone to driving in high-stress conditions like the ones mentioned earlier. You should consider a transmission fluid change. If not be more vigilant about checking the transmission fluid levels. Or have a repair shop check the condition of your fluid on your next service.

Typically you will want to change or flush your fluid if you notice any of the following conditions:

  • Gears Slipping. This happens if the fluid in your transmission is old and dirty. Contaminants can block the flow of fluid. This reduces the hydraulic power
  • Gear shifting issues
  • Vehicle stalling out
  • Lunging of the vehicle
  • Grinding or knocking noises



Why it’s important to perform a fluid flush on your vehicle:

There are times when your vehicle may be having trouble shifting. Shifting gears is a vital component to safe and efficient driving. A transmission fluid flush can extend the life of your transmission. This routine maintenance can save you costly repair dollars down the road.

Having your fluid flushed not only replaces your old and used fluid. But, it also cleans the transmission components. These components over time can build up dirt and debris that can cause transmission failure. Fluid flushes also help you get more performance than a simple fluid replacement does.


To avoid costly damage to your vehicle, you will want to change the fluid frequently. This will ensure maximum longevity. Dirty fluid will not disperse heat well. Cleaner fluids are a more effective lubricant. Not changing the fluid will cause wear and tear on the clutches as well as other transmission components. When the clutch components begin to lose their grip, older fluid will be the only thing keeping your transmission from slipping.

To prevent this damage, ensure that your vehicle’s fluids are flushed according to the owner’s manual.

How Much Does it Cost to Change Transmission Fluid?

Automatic Transmission:

Typically an automatic transmission fluid change cost is higher than a manual transmission. This is because the job may also require that your oil filter and pan gasket be replaced as well. The total cost for this service you can estimate to be anywhere from $300-$500. With parts costs coming in at around $150-$275, and labor costs compromising the remaining balance.

Manual Transmission:

For manual transmissions, you can get away with spending as low as $150. This is because there is no filter. Therefore no need to replace it or the gasket. The cost of this service will significantly drop, keeping the cost of parts at around $50-$60. With labor costs staying at around $75-$100. However, you will need to perform manual transmission fluid changes more often.

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