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Why using the correct oil is important

“What is the correct oil for my car?” You may have asked this question as you shop in your local auto parts store or even asked a service shop this same question. You may have googled the term itself. Hey Siri: “What is the correct engine oil for my car?”

What can happen if the correct oil isn’t used?

Whenever a different or cheaper grade oil than what is recommended is used, the effects could be dire. For one, your cars warranty could be affected. Or the wrong oil can lead to a reduction in the lubrication of vital components in the engine. This can cause the engine life to be shortened. Another symptom of using the wrong oil can be reduced gas mileage. This can happen because the viscosity of the oil causes the components to move slower reducing mileage

Changing the oil in your car is vital. It extends the reliability, longevity and overall performance of your vehicle.

There are 4 types of oil that you can choose from when shopping around for the correct oil for your car.

  1. Regular

  2. Synthetic

  3. Synthetic Blend

  4. High Mileage

Some cars can run with regular or synthetic oil. This depends on the make as well as year of the car that you drive. Synthetic oil can improve overall engine performance. It can also extend the mileage between when an oil change is necessary. This can be helpful if you’re the type of person that puts of oil changes. If your car specifically requires a conventional oil, you will want to choose a product that protects against sludge build-up.

Whatever is the correct oil for your car. Make the best choice based upon your research. Oil and regular changes are extremely important for your cars longevity. Always consult the owner’s manual or speak to one of our certified technicians before you make any final decisions

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