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8 Signs That You Need A Fuel Injector Service

A fuel injector service is something that will keep your engine running the way it’s supposed to. When there are problems with one or more of your fuel injectors it will prevent fuel from being sprayed into the engine. Fuel injector service is a relatively cheap maintenance item. A fuel injector service repair will ensure that fuel is being sprayed into the engine as it’s supposed to. When one of these components fails your vehicle may not drive at all.

How do you know that you are in need of a fuel injector service?

We will go over some of the signs and symptoms to watch out for. Any of these signs could mean that you are in need of a service. Some of these signs are similar in nature and may not always be a cause for a full repair. It is always a good idea to run a good quality fuel injector cleaner through your fuel system before spending the money on a fuel injector service. There are DIY fuel injector service kits that you can use as well. We will link to one here.

Fuel Injector service signs

  1. Rough Idling:

When your vehicle is not getting enough fuel or an uneven supply of fuel your RPM’s while idling drops. As levels are dropped below the optimum range your vehicle will idle rough. When they drop too low your engine can even stall out.

  1. Vibrating Engine

Another tell-tell sign that your vehicle is in need of a fuel injector service. When this happens one of the fuel injectors will cause the corresponding cylinder to misfire or not fire at all. So, while driving this will cause the engine to vibrate as it tries to complete the cycle without fuel

  1. Misfiring Engine

Fuel injector service is recommended if you find this to be a constant problem. When any injector is clogged there will not be enough fuel sprayed causing misfiring while you drive. You will have trouble accelerating or there will be a lengthy pause when you step on the gas pedal. Leaving this problem for too long can cause over heating as well as other problems

  1. Check Engine Light

We have covered some of the more common causes of this in a previous article. However, whenever a fuel injector is delivering less fuel than is optimal. Engine efficiency is lowered when a fuel injector needs to be serviced and this can cause the check engine light to come on. To confirm that it is a fuel injector that may be causing the issue you can use a scanner to confirm the problem.

  1. Fuel Leaks

If any of your injectors are broken, cracked or damaged gas will begin to leak from it. Breaks in the line mean that fuel will leak from the body and not be able to reach the nozzle. This can be determined by checking the injector. If this is the issue you will see gasoline near the fuel rail. This problem can be tough to spot if you are unsure of what you are looking at. In any case bring your vehicle by G&G and we can look at your injectors for you.

  1. Fuel Smell

This problem goes hand in hand with the number 5. The gas that does not get burned up due to a damaged injector will cause a fuel smell. The issue could be attributed to your fuel lines or the sensor telling the engine’s computer to inject more fuel than necessary. A fuel injector service may be required if you notice 5 & 6 together.

  1. Engine Surges

Too much fuel being sprayed on the engine’s cylinders will cause a surge in the engine. Meaning your acceleration will be much slower. When driving you can pick this out by noticing if the engine RPM changes. The RPM will change under loads rather than remaining constant

  1. Poor Fuel Economy

When the engine does get the right amount of fuel it needs, it will place more demand on the injectors to supply it with additional fuel. Fuel economy, as a result, will be affected

How often should you get a fuel injector service?

We typically recommend that you bring your vehicle in for a fuel injector service every 36-48 months. Or about every 45,000 miles. Consider it one of the routine maintenance items that you don’t want to overlook. REMEMBER. “Routine Maintenance is ALWAYS Cheaper than REPAIRS”

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