Oil Change, Lube, and Filter

Every day we get calls asking us what type of oil we use for oil changes. The truth is that we carry a variety of brands with a variety of weights. We do this because we know that not every vehicle is the same, and the type of oil that is required for one vehicle, might not work for another. Our team always double checks that the oil we put into your car or truck meets the factory specifications for your specific vehicle.

With every oil and filter change we also perform a free battery testing, as well as inspect any safety or liability concerns. It’s important not to prolong or skip oil changes. Due to the excess dust and heat every vehicle in Bakersfield falls into the “severe category” and it’s important to have your vehicle serviced regularly.

The typical oil filter consists of a high strength steel housing containing various types of filtering media. An anti-drainback valve prevents oil from running out of the filter when the engine is off. Todays oil filters have a convenient spin-on design that makes removal and installation easy. The oil filter sifts out contaminants, allowing the oil to flow through the engine unrestricted. Should the oil filter become restricted or clogged with contaminants, they will flow around the filter. This bypassing is a safety mechanism, but you never want to let oil and filter changes go so long that bypassing takes place as it could cause damage to your vehicle.

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