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Routine Maintenance:

Routine maintenance will always be cheaper than expensive repairs. Most expensive repairs are related to overdue maintenance.

Is Your Car Leaking Fluids?

Leaks can be annoying and messy but low fluid levels can also lead to damage to very expensive engine parts. Have G&G Auto Repair diagnose and repair your leaks before serious damage is done.


Battery Service:

Don’t let a dead battery leave you stranded. G&G Auto Repair will check and diagnose your car’s battery every time you’re in for service.

AC System Check:

Is your AC system performing as it should? Let G&G Auto Repair check and service your car’s AC system today.

G&G Auto Repair

What our customers are saying...

Excellent service, superb repair quality, finished promptly.

The kind folks at G&G Auto Repair provided fast, friendly, and overall highly experienced service where others would more than likely treated me as another number on their list of repairs to get through that day. They quickly identified the problem with my vehicle, gave me a detailed estimate of the service cost, and finished my vehicle more quickly than I could have anticipated. After the quality work they put into my vehicle and for such an amazing price, you can be sure that I’ll be trusting them with my vehicle the next time I need it serviced. – Mason J. in Bakersfield, CA