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Whether you’re a Bakersfield native, or moved here and made it your home, we all know that Bakersfield Summers can be brutal. With temperatures climbing over 110 degrees, we understand that efficient auto air conditioning isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity! Our team at G&G Auto Repair knows exactly what your car or truck air conditioning needs to run smoothly and consistently all summer long. Making sure that your car or truck has what it needs so it doesn’t overheat and leave you standing in the sun is a top priority.

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Without regular maintenance your car or truck’s air conditioner loses about 5% of its efficiency every year. When neglected, the air conditioning unit may be performing as poorly as other models that are years older! However, there is good news: you can still recover most of that lost efficiency. As a local Bakersfield business, G&G Auto Repair understands just how important it is to have your car air conditioning working at its highest capability. We service and repair all models of car, truck and SUV air conditioning, including computerized components. Newer auto air conditioning components are fairly complex, and new improvements are always being initiated. Our team keeps up on all of the latest repair and service requirements so you don’t have to.

A very important part of the AC system is the compressor that is used to compress and expand the refrigerant to make it cold. A compressor an fail due to a leak in the housing, or it can fail internally. Compressors will wear out faster if refrigerant and oil levels are low, so the best thing is to have the A/C serviced every few years and catch any potential problems before they get expensive. An A/C service doesn’t cost much, and you can be more comfortable in your vehicle and potentially save a costly compressor repair.

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