Why Its Important To Change Your Cabin Air Filter

Today we’re going to talk about your cabin air filter, and why you might not be getting all the air flow that you should from your car or truck’s air conditioning system.

What is a cabin air filter and how does it work?

Air that flows out of the vents in your vehicle’s dash flow through a filter that is designed to filter out dust and pollen and other pollutants. Making the air you breathe inside your car more healthy and clean.

Each manufacturer’s required maintenance schedule includes replacing the cabin air filter at regular intervals. The filter requires replacement in order to operate effectively. The filter can become clogged with leaves and debris over time. Clogging or blockage can be because the car is parked under trees, or in dusty lots. These environments will accumulate in the filter and will block the flow of air.


Consequences of a dirty filter:

Cabin Air Filters are great at keeping your car smelling fresh. This is because these filters trap polluted air and debris and do not allow them into your vehicle. A bad filter will allow dust and other particulates into your car. These can seep into fabrics, causing unpleasant odors. In the winter, the benefits of a clean air filter are easy to see. Clogged cabin air filters can also restrict a cars defroster and AC Performance.

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How often should you change your Cabin Air Filter?


Typically manufacturers will recommend changing the filter every 15-20,000 miles. Or also once a year whichever comes first. Do consult your owners manual to get a better understanding of your vehicle. Not all filters require replacement in these time frames.

Replacing your filter in your car or truck can be a do-it-yourself project. This will typically run around $15-25. Take care when removing the glove compartment. Too much force can cause the clips that hold the compartment to break. This could lead to a more costly repair.

Not getting enough airflow from the vents is a common concern that customers have come into our shop. Sometimes it’s a problem with the fan or switch. Most of the time it’s simply a dirty cabin air filter, and replacing it solves the problem. At G&G Auto Repair we always check the air filters when a vehicle is in for service, and we’ll recommend replacing the filter if it’s due. Replacing the cabin air filter regularly will help your air conditioner and heater work better, and you’ll be breathing cleaner air inside of your car or truck.




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