AC Compressor Replacements Can Be Expensive

Why is replacing a bad car AC compressor so expensive? The air conditioning system in your car or truck uses a compressor to compress and then expand the refrigerant to make it cold.AC compressor can fail due to a leak in the housing. Most of the time it fails internally. Bits of debris, like seals and metal from a bad AC compressor can become trapped inside other components. These components include the dryer, the orifice tube, and in some cases the condenser. These parts are susceptible to damage.

Because of the trapped bits of debris, these parts must also be replaced with the compressor, and all of the other parts and lines must be cleaned out.


AC Compressor

You must replace these parts in order to receive the warranty. Parts and labor to replace these components can be expensive. This is the only way to ensure that the new compressor will work as it should. This will keep your cars air conditioning system running smoothly.

Just because you’re AC isn’t blowing cold air doesn’t mean you have a bad compressor.

The refrigerant level might be low due to a leak, and that leak might not be expensive to fix. The AC Compressor will wear out faster if refrigerant and oil levels are low, so the best thing is to have the AC serviced every few years and catch any potential problems before they get expensive. An AC service doesn’t cost much, and you can be more comfortable in your vehicle and potentially save a costly compressor repair.


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