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Car Battery Testing. Why we test at every service.

Here at G&G Auto Repair, we test your car battery every time you bring your vehicle in for service we test your car battery, and here’s why.

A car battery stores electricity. Electricity used to start the engine. It also runs the lights, computers, and accessories of any car or truck. The amount of energy that a battery is able to store gradually decreases over time. This causes the batteries electricity to deplete. Once depleted there no longer is enough electricity for the battery to start the engine.

Hotter temperatures require more power to start a car’s engine. Also, a drop in outside temperature can decrease the amount of power that the battery stores.

While the engine can appear to be starting with little to no problems. You may find yourself in one of these situations. Now there isn’t enough power in the battery to crank the engine over. This can leave you stuck. Your car won’t start. Checking the car battery during service can tell us if the battery is getting low on power. This will allow the battery to get replaced before you get stranded. and nobody wants the experience of being stuck with a dead battery and not being able to start your vehicle.


Should you get your battery tested?

Manufacturers recommend that you get your car battery tested at least twice per year. In colder climate areas , you should test your car battery in late fall and again in late spring. Extreme hot and cold weather are the leading causes for car battery wear.

How to check the health of your Battery.

Start by checking the sides of your battery. Check for bulging sides. If there is no expansion on the sides, your good. You can also use a voltage meter to check the voltage. A good charge is around 12.5 volts. Now, if you a reading less than 11.8 volts, the battery may need recharging or replacment.
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