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How Much Does Fuel Injector Replacement Cost ?

A If you’re like most car owners the cost for fuel injector replacement, isn’s something you think about until there’s a problem. And by then, it can be expensive and inconvenient. In this blog post, we’ll give you 5 signs that your fuel injectors need attention. We’ll also tell you what the average cost of fuel injection cleaning is, so that you can budget for it. Keep reading to learn more!

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5 Signs That You Might Need Fuel Injector Replacement

If your car is experiencing any of the following symptoms, it might be time for fuel injector replacement:

A noticeable decrease in gas mileage

This is one of the first signs that your fuel injector might need to be replaced. Your car’s fuel injector is responsible for spraying fuel into the engine where it is then combusted to power your car. Over time, these fuel injectors can become clogged with deposits and dirt, which decreases their efficiency. When this happens, you’ll see

A marked increase in emissions

If your having issues passing a smog test or notice that your car’s exhaust is much dirtier than usual, it could be a sign that your fuel injector needs to be replaced.

Engine knock or misfire

If you start to hear knocking or notice that your engine is misfiring, it could be due to a clogged fuel injector. When an injector is clogged, it can cause fuel to build up in the cylinder, which can lead to engine knock.

Rough idling or stalling

If your car is having trouble starting up, idles rough, or stalls frequently, it could be a sign of a fuel injector issue. When fuel injectors are going bad, they often struggle to provide a steady stream of fuel to the engine, which can cause these starting and idling issues.

Check Engine Light is on

If your check engine light comes on, it’s always worth getting your car diagnostic tested just to be sure. In many cases, a clogged fuel injector will trigger the check engine light.

How Much Does Fuel Injector Replacement Cost?

The cost of replacing your car’s fuel injectors will vary depending on make and model; however, on average you can expect to pay between $600 and $900 for parts and labor. Additionally, if your car has more than one fuel injector, you can expect the price to go up accordingly.

What labor costs are associated with a fuel injector repalcement?

Fuel injector replacement is not a do-it-yourself repair, so you will need to factor in the cost of labor when considering this repair. Additionally, if your fuel injectors are clogged, you may need to have them cleaned before they are replaced. The cost for fuel injection cleaning is typically between $100 and $200. These figures could be a bit higher, depending on the make and model of your vehicle

fuel injector replacement is not a repair that you want to put off, as it can lead to engine damage.

What parts are needed to repair a bad fuel injector?

  1. A Fuel injector
  2. New Fuel Filter
  3. Fuel Pump
  4. Spark plugs (not always needed if replaced within manufactuers specs)


How Can I Extend the Life of My Fuel Injectors?

There are a few steps you can take to help extend the life of your car’s fuel injectors:

Use only high quality gasoline

This will help to prevent fuel injector clogging.

Add fuel system cleaner to your gas

This will help to clean out any deposits that might be building up in your fuel injector.

Get your car’s oil changed regularly

Dirty oil can cause deposits and build-up in your fuel injector, so it’s important to keep your oil clean.

Use fuel additives

These can help to clean and protect your fuel injectors from deposits.

Have your fuel system professionally cleaned – This should be done every 30,000 miles or so to remove any built up deposits.

Get regular tuneups according to your manufacturer’s schedule

This will help to keep your fuel injectors clean and in good working condition.

fuel injectors clean and in good working order, and will save you money in the long run.Replacing fuel injectors is not a cheap repair, so it’s best to do everything you can to avoid it.

If you think your fuel injector might need to be replaced, the best thing to do is take your car to a mechanic or dealership for a diagnostic test. They’ll be able to tell you for sure if your fuel injector needs to be replaced, and can give you an estimate for the cost of the repair.

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