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What are Digital Vehicle Inspections?

For as long as auto repair shops have been around, mechanics have been doing inspections. For the vast majority of the years vehicle inspections have been done on paper. Rarely do you hear about DIGITAL VEHICLE INSPECTIONS. So what are they? And, how in these times of social distancing; as well as more attention being paid to not going anywhere when you don’t have to, how can you get your vehicle inspected in a safe and sanitary manner? The answer is Digital Inspections. Digital inspections are performed by our techs using a tablet to record results about your car or trucks diagnostics. The inspection results are placed into our shop management system. This software stores the results about your car or trucks recommendations based on the customer profile.



For years paper inspections were a great way to get the job done. There was no other way. The biggest issuer with paper inspections is that no two inspections are created the same. There was no standardized way for the inspection to be put into the system. So, while one tech may focus on one certain aspect of the vehicle and write it up his way. Another tech was doing the exact same thing another way. It created a very inconsistent customer profile, and was not the most efficient thing when it came to customer time spent in store.



Using mobile technology, we use customized inspections to do a simple tire report or a full bumper to bumper, multi point inspection. The more we document, the more likely you are to be informed about exactly what your car needs. This cuts down on the stress of questioning whether our techs have your best interest at heart or are just looking for a sale. You get to actually see with our mechanics the exact points that your vehicles passes or does not pass in.G & G Auto repair technicians go through the 50-point inspection process, they mark any necessary repairs or maintenance. And make detailed notes for you to see based on their recommendations.

The process is very simple: The technician enters a note about the area being inspected, they will [place a corresponding recommendation if needed. The next step is to choose a color grade for the part: Green (GOOD), Yellow (OK), or Red (BAD)

The last step is to take photos. This is very helpful ion convincing the wary customer. With photos attached to the vehicle inspection it allows you to see the exact areas of concern. This can help to reduce questions at the end of the inspection. These inspections allow you to see the areas and make the educated decision along with our techs. This helps us to create a greater level of transparency. These inspections allow the customer to also approve remotely via text or email based upon the inspection report that has been sent to them.

Digital Vehicle Inspections are great tool. Utilized effectively, they will cut down on time spent at our shop. They allow for us to thoroughly inspect your vehicle and send your percise visual reports that will allow you to make the best decision based on your needs.

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