What are the signs of a BAD Heater Core?

Your car’s heater core is very important because it helps you provide heat to the entire vehicle. If the heat is not working in your car, then you are most likely dealing with a heater core problem. Fixing this issue is quite the challenge, and the problem is that if you don’t fix this now, it will only get worse as time goes by. This means you have to figure out the right way to fix the problem quickly before it gets worse.

How do you know if the heater core is bad?

There are multiple signs that you need to look out for when you want to see if the heater core is bad or not. Normally the inside of your car fogs up out of nowhere, and that is going to show that there are a few heating issues.

Some of the other signs here include an antifreeze leak on the inside of the car. Another thing that you want to look out for is an antifreeze odor, something that can end up being quite the issue most of the time, so try to keep that in mind if you can.

In addition, if the coolant levels are dropping, chances are that the heater core issues are bad. However, this is the perfect time to talk with an expert. A good mechanic will be able to test the car and see if the heater core needs a replacement. Or, if the issue is caused by something else. Either way, it’s important to check all these potential signs so you can identify the issue before things get worse!

Can the heater core issues come from an air lock?

The airlock is a large air bubble that’s formed in the cooling system. It usually appears due to coolant top-ups or leaks. This can end up preventing your coolant from working properly. And if you don’t address the problem fast, it can end up stopping the heating system entirely.

You can set the heater to the max, remove the cap from the coolant tank and fill it up at the right level. It’s a good idea to test the engine with the cap still open. Add some more coolant and test until everything works. It’s a trial and error approach, but it will work very well.

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