Tire Rotation

Why A Tire Rotation Is Important

A tire rotation and balance are often overlooked in maintenance needs. People tend to put it off altogether or just don’t seem to think about the need for a tire rotation. Tires will wear differently on the front of your vehicle than they will on the rear. Read More ▸

Transmission Fluid Change Cost

Transmission Fluid Change Cost

A Transmission Fluid Change Cost is not usually something that we budget for. There are so many fluids that help keep your vehicle running smoothly. One of the most important and commonly overlooked is the transmission fluid. A transmission fluid change is often something that is debated. We rea here to tell you that you should. The question is how much money should a transmission fluid change cost. Also how often should this task be performed? Read More ▸

tax deductions

Tax Deduction: Car Repairs & Your Taxes

Are car repairs be considered a tax deduction? Tax Season is quickly approaching. For some, this means being concerned about having to pay money. Others are looking forward to tax season because of the chance of obtaining a refund! Fortunately, by utilizing the appropriate tax write-offs, you may be able to reduce your tax burden (or increase your refund). You may even be able to deduct car repairs and maintenance costs in some circumstances! Read More ▸

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance Myths: Top 3 that are not true

What are some of the vehicle maintenance myths that you have heard? Every car owner has heard about the best vehicle maintenance tips to preserve his or her vehicle in good condition. Many service tips for fuel efficiency, engine power, and overall vehicle longevity flow down the exhaust port, whether they come from friends, family, or the automobile manufacturer. Some suggestions indicate ways to save money or improve performance. However, not everything told to car owners is always accurate. Continue reading to learn about 3 vehicle maintenance myths that aren’t true: Read More ▸

water-pump & timing belt

Water Pump & Timing Belt Replacement

Timing Belts have come to replace timing chains. The serpentine belt (timing belt) ensures that the crankshaft, valves, and motor pistons are operating in unison. Timing belts are more efficient than chains. But, why should you be worried about water pumps & timing belts at the same time? READ MORE BELOW Read More ▸

1234 YF refrigerant

1234YF Refrigerant: Why the Change?

From about 1930 to the 1990s most vehicle’s used freon for the AC system. From there, manufacturers went to 134a refrigerant. Today there has been a new shift and 134a has been replaced with 1234YF Refrigerant. So why this change and how is it different? In order for us to understand why, and also how this new product works we will first break down how an AC works. Read More ▸

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance Tasks: 3 Important Tasks You Can’t Ignore

Vehicle Maintenance is something that cannot be ignored. Following the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule is a must. For some, this task can be simple. For others not so much. Time and money often play a role in the decision. We get it Service on your vehicle can be expensive. But like we always say “Routine Maintenance is ALWAYS cheaper than repairs”. Here are 5 vehicle maintenance tasks that you can’t ignore. Read More ▸

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